Equine Assisted Natural Healing

Natural healing with the help of horses

Equine Assisted Natural Healing (EANH)

One of the wonderful quality of horses is that they have an effect on us! We marvel their beauty, intelligence and looks and something draws us near them. Horses are social, sensitive and receptive with highly specialized and finely attuned senses. What better therapy animal than the horse who truly does understand and is genuine, honest to a fault and a superb listener.

The Equine Assisted Natural Healing (EANH)Ā® method was created by Felicia Allen as a gentle, non-evasive, respectful and peaceful equine-centered 'hands-on' healing experience for participants with horses.

Felicia Allen developed EANH based on what she refers to as Equine Intuitive HealingĀ© - a concept she originated, recognized and has specifically worked with for almost three decades.

The principle of Equine Intuitive Healing is based on understanding and recognizing the extraordinary sensory development in horses during their 45 to 55 million years of existence on earth (compared to human beings six million years). Incredibly, horses have survived the many millions of years of evolution and environmental challenges as prey animals. The extraordinary senses that horses have developed enable the animals innately to sense our energies and emotions silently and to react as the highly social animals horses are. Participants often feel a sense of renewed wellbeing after a session.

Over the years, EANH has become recognized as an effective method to compliment traditional medicinal practices because of horses positive effects on participants.

EANH is primarily a non-riding horse therapy, horse experience is not needed and everyone is welcome.

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