Horse boarding

Horse boarding options include self and full board with a 'farm feel' with the conveniences of an urban, very accessible location.

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Horse training

Humane horse training is available based on the methods of True Natural Horsemanship. No pain paraphanalia or whips.

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Dog training

For puppies and dogs to live purposeful and happy lives in our society they have to be educated on what living in our society means.

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Meet Bentley a magnificent, big miniature stallion with a wonderful personality and striking markings.

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Farm Animal Rescue

Epona's farm animal rescue cares for abandoned, neglected and unwanted animals. Visit our permanent residents and those who are seeking a forever loving home.

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Gift Shop

Selected colorful jewellery for someone special who loves horses from our Horsey Love Gift Shop. Proceeds are used to care and feed the animals in the farm animal rescue.

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BC Pet and Animal Public

pet and animal public in BC

Do you have an animal or pet and live in BC? Join the voice for the BC animal and pet public to ensure that BC is as pet friendly as can be!

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Horsey Jewellery Store

horse jewellery Gift horse jewellery is fun to receive at any time of the year. Girls will love the colors and horse motifs in our Horsey Love store