Felicia Allen, the founder of Epona Stable and Farms, began her riding career in the prestigious royal Danish Riding Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark in the 1960s as a child.

Later on, Epona Stable and Farms began on an acreage in North Vancouver, BC Canada in 1975 with stables that were built to house horses. Rescuing and helping animals also evolved as an important milestone. As the years passed many programs apart from horseback riding and training also began.


The two most innovative and the first of their kind in Canada and internationally was Equine Assisted Natural Healing (EANH), a non-riding program that recognizes the healing qualities of horses in their relations with human beings. EANH expanded into the then little known benefits of horses with children and adults with autism and Felicia made history with her insight into why and how horses have the extraordinary abilities to communicate with children with autism. The horses, Felicia maintains, can actually teach children with autism the communication methods of those people who do not have autism. Felicia's young therapy students with autism amazed others with their seemingly newfound ease to behave just like others.

Felicia Allen developed EANH based on what she refers to as Equine Intuitive Healing© - which relates closely to recent scientific studies that horses can 'read' emotions. Felicia recognized the incredible depth that horses abilities to not only sense our emotions and understand them, but also the horses can bring order out chaos. Her horse therapy work therefore expanded into healing relationships within ourselves and with others. The extraordinary senses that horses have developed enable the animals innately to sense our energies and emotions silently and to react as the highly social animals horses are. Participants often feel a sense of renewed wellbeing after a session.

"At the time I began the study and research with the help of my horses into their healing abilities in Canada four decades ago people thought that I was coocoo. Now there are certification societies everywhere and just about everyone has recognized the abilities of horses and healing."

Felicia Allen

As a wellknown animal activist, rescuer of animals, dog and horse trainer, vegan and educator, it was only natural that Felicia should also develop a natural horsemanship method of educating and working with horses which was called True Natural Horsemanship (TNH). TNH is completely free of pain paraphalia like whips in all aspects of its communication with horses.

"As someone who regards all living beings as equals I couldn't stand the exploitation any longer of horse people and their commercial natural horsemanship abuses. True Natural Horsemanship is about understanding horses, marvelling at their intelligence and highly developed evolutionary superiority and loving them for their beauty and understanding of social beings effective interactions as a community."

Felicia Allen

The Epona Stable and Farms have become synonymous with rescue work, workshops and hands-on interaction with animals since 1975. Other programs such as the Giddy Fit! With Horses is a non-riding program for individuals out of shape or obese which focusses on being supportive of one another with horses while having LOTS of FUN! Corporate programs increase wellbeing and employee productivity. Felicia also loves introducing her rescues to everyone and welcomes volunteers. For the vegan curious, there are workshops on cooking tasty, EASY meals with succulent plant-based foods - simple meals like the classic double decker with the fixins are hard to resist.


Highly recommend! Felicia is a true horse lover! She works and rehabilitats rescue horses, offers lessons and workshops. 5 stars all the way!

Diana Klejne
Realtor at Stonehaus Realty Corp. and Realtor at West Coast Lifestyle Group

As a longstanding contributor to social justice and animal welfare causes, Felicia has had a profound impact on the treatment of less fortunate animals and people. Her natural horsemanship methods are internationally recognized by her peers and by experts.

Dr. Kedrick James
University Of British Columbia

Felicia's love of horses is clear and she is a great role model to learn from.

Adam Tatelman
Staff Writer, Douglas College

The Epona Stable is also known for the excellence of care of the horses. Felicia is one of the oldest Natural Horsemanship practitioners in Canada with years to draw on when it comes to healing and working with horses. She is also a double-certified horse trainer.

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Equine Assisted Natural Healing (EANH)

Children with autism, child or adult anxiety/depression/fears, human relationship issues are helped with the extraordinary sensory understanding of horses.

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Giddy Fit!

Giddy Fit with horses is a non-riding program for those of us who are out of shape, have gained weight and would welcome a horse as your personal assistant. Weekly hourly FUN!

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Horsey Love Store

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