Thank you for your ongoing participation in our riding programs! Below are accessories that Epona Stable and Farms recommend.

Riding caps

Choosing a riding cap is important for protection. As with all attire, riding caps vary as well as their functionality and pricing. Below are the riding caps that we endorse and that are priced with required safety standards and affordability in mind.

How to measure the fit for a riding cap

To measure for an accurate riding cap fit take a measuring tape and run it around your head 3/4 inches above the eyebrows and around the bump at the back of your head (please see 'measuring' photo). Have the measurement handy because it will be required for your purchase.

ASTM SEI riding helmet certification

There are many types of riding caps on the market. For beginner riders the economy riding cap is suitable and economical. However, we do recommend that a ASTM/ SEI certified helmet is always a better choice although often a little pricier because ASTM/ SEI certified helmets undergo rigorous tests to ensure they are suitable to protect skulls. They are also designed with multiple layers to decrease the impact and force during a fall. Our selection of riding helmets below includes both types.

To purchase a riding cap

If you would like to purchase from our selection below please complete the form at the bottom of the web page. When you arrive for your next lesson your riding cap will be ready for pickup and we will check the fit to ensure that it is a good fit. Please note: You may exchange your riding cap for another style or size or request a full refund at the time of fitting only.

Economy Riding Cap


The economy riding cap (please see 'economy riding cap photo') is popular because it is a multi-discipline helmet that is lightweight with a well ventilated style. This cap comes with a Slide Glide strap adjustment for a more customized and quick harness fit and includes an adjustable headliner and detachable visor. The riding cap is suitable for beginner riders. *please note that this is not a ASTM/SEI-certified helmet.*

Design Riding Cap


A riding cap with a graphic design imprinted on the side (please see 'design riding cap photo') for anyone who enjoys artwork and creativety as part of their horseback riding attire. The riding cap adjusts to the size and shape of your head for comfort and stability. The headliner is lightweight, removable and washable. There are mesh covered vents to help keep you cool and comfortable in any weather. The cap is ASTM/SEI-certified which makes it suitable for high level performance.

Durable Riding Cap


A durable, ultra light riding cap (please see 'durable riding cap photo') with large vents that provide superior ventilation for a more comfortable ride. The riding cap is fitted with a precision dial fit system that is easily adjustable. A removable and washable headliner and folding shims all for a more personal fit. The cap is ASTM/SEI-certified for safety.

Performance Riding Cap


A riding cap packed with performance features, a modern design and the latest fit technology (please see 'performance riding cap photo'). The performance riding cap is suitable for beginners to competition. The cap features an extended visor, bold steel cooling vents and a smooth outer finish that makes it an all-weather favorite and easy to keep clean. The headliner is removable and washable. The cap is ASTM/SEI-certified for safety.

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