Meet big beautiful Bentley!

Miniature Pinto horse stallion

For a gorgeous stallion Bentley our miniature horse is a beauty.

Bentley has character plus and he is intelligent. He learns quickly and loves to cooperate. He is bold, proud and easy to handle. His offspring inherit his safe and wonderful personality.

Bentley is a real people horse - he runs up to everyone who visits to greet in his friendly and receptive way.

Bentley was raised with the True Natural Horsemanship method therefore he has not known pain or fright of human beings in his upbringing. He loves people!

Bentley's looks are stunning with his one brown eye and his other blue eye and a long, flowing brown and white naturally streaked mane and beautiful thick flashy tail. Bentley stands at 33.5" at the wither and he is well-built. Not the fragile type!

Bentley is registered with both the AMHA and AMHR miniature horse official registries.

Everywhere Bentley goes his presence is like a magnet that naturally draws attention - a real natural flashy boy. He has beautiful high stepping, prancing movement with knee and hock action galore. You cannot miss this little stallion!

If you're interested in breeding a mare to Bentley please contact us. You may also come to the farm to visit with Bentley and bring the kids!

Bentley miniature pinto stallion big bold beautiful ready for breeding to a special mare

Big bold beautiful

Friendly and outgoing personality!



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