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Choosing a horse trainer for pacing retraining

One of the most frequent questions that people ask is, "What should I look for in a trainer for retraining my pacing horse?" Pacing retraining is not like training other horses. The pacing gait is usually the preferred gait with a horse that has raced and conventional training methods rarely work to train the horse not to pace.

There are many people who swear that they can retrain your horse. Before you invest a dime, we highly recommend that you ask to see horses that have been retrained to ensure that the horses walk, trot and canter without the pacing. After all, if the trainer can't show you horses that have been retrained, is it wise to have the individual work with your horse?

If you have a trainer that you ride with, or if you are in a remote area, the Standardbred Fan Club's retraining video was made primarily for the novice and rider with some riding experience who have adopted or brought home a Standardbred horse from the pacing race track or adoption organization, although it will also be useful to instructors and trainers.

Incorrect retraining can produce more problems than solutions and in fact increase the pacing. Do your investigative work before entrusting your horse to anyone!

Re-printed with permission from the Standardbred Horse Fan Club