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Wilbur the rescued piglet
Enjoying nature
Epona's rescued horses
vegetables fresh and delicious
Felicia Allen Founder
rescued horses relaxing
Bentley a miniature stallion
Volunteer with Jewel
there is no waste in nature
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Fresh & Non-GMO Products

Working for a healthy and sustainable planet for us all.

Fresh Veggies & Fruits

Organically grown vegetables, berries and fruits are very tasty and so healthy too. Cultivating the land gives us a special appreciation of nature's gifts and how preservation is our key to survival.

Locally Grown

British Columbia has some of the nicest soil anywhere for growing vegetables, berries and fruits. Flowers thrive here too! The collective clears land as we need it and cultivate all sorts of varieties with non-gmo seeds.

Natural As In Nature

Nature has the recipe for all of the planets selection of edibles for everyone. We cultivate, grow and enjoy the produce as well as nature's teachings. We welcome volunteers who bring some incredible ideas and knowledge.