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horseback riding lessons for beginners
Horseback riding lessons are available for any level of rider
with an Epona Stable lesson horse or with your own horse.

Adult and children riding lessons for beginners are available and riding lessons for individuals who have some riding experience.

riding lesson
Beginner riding lessons are available for students who would like to become confident and skilled riders. Epona also provides lessons in the English style of riding, basic dressage often referred to as 'horse ballet' with capriole movements, horse jumping and western riding.

The safe trail riding package of lessons is ongoing year round and provides a good introduction to everything that you will need to know for safe and enjoyable trail riding.

All lessons are held in a riding ring unless otherwise noted. Morning, afternoon or evening classes are usually available on weekdays or weekends.

Childrens riding lessons:
Riding lessons teach children patience, compassion for another being,
responsibility, horsemanship and a lot more.
The Special Introductory Riding Lessons Package

riding lessons for children

The Special Introductory Riding Lessons Package for children is comprehensive and Fun!

The Package consists of five one hour private lessons where the child learns about the nature of the horse, working safely around horses, grooming and saddling the lesson horse and riding on their own with confidence and skill.

The Introductory Package is designed for competence in horse handling and horseback riding basics. Children who have mastered the riding basics can also move onto group riding lessons. A riding cap is provided for all of the lessons.

Beginners are welcome.

Giddy Fit with Horses program
Please select: Private or Group lessons
Please note: Children are taught on horses and are required to be eight years of age or older.

The Epona Introductory Lesson

The Epona Introductory Lesson is a longer private introductory lesson for children (1.5 hour) which provides a general introduction to horses for a beginner or inexperienced child where the interest level may not yet be known. The lesson covers the nature of the horse, working safely around horses, assisted grooming and saddling a horse, and what it feels like to sit on a horse at a walk (riding) with a guide leading the horse.

A riding cap is available for students. Suitable for children four years of age or older.
Horseback riding lessons Spring Special! Special ~ bring a friend, relative or parent to participate also for absolutely free!
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Adult riding lessons:
Adults learn about the intrinsic nature of the horse and experience the pure enjoyment of having a new special four-footed friend to learn horsemanship and riding with.
The Special Introductory Riding Lessons package consists of five private one hour lessons which include grooming and saddling a horse as well as learning riding basics on a horse with confidence and skill. Wonderful exercise too!

The Introductory Riding Lessons package is flexible and can be suitable for either beginners or returning riders who will also benefit from practice and riding. A riding cap is provided for all of the lessons. Adults who have mastered the riding basics can also move onto group riding lessons if preferred.

Giddy Fit with Horses program

Please select: Private or Group lessons
The Epona Introductory 1.5 hour private lesson is also available for adults.

Film and Television

Riding lessons are available for actors preparing for an audition or part for film or television.

The horseback riding lessons are individually tailored to the requirements of the production.

Whether a beginner rider with no experience with horses or an experienced rider, Epona Stable has earned a fine reputation for teaching some very talented Canadian actors.
horse trail riding vancouver
Film and television horseback riding lessons program

loving and living horses
Epona students ...
Loving & Living horses

horses at Epona Best friends forever! Epona's tallest horse standing next to our smallest horse.

Safe trail riding lessons package (available all year)
A series of three lessons of approximately 1.5 hours each in duration where you will learn the ins and outs of safe trail riding and the basic riding techniques that you will need to know. Suitable for beginner riders or anyone with some riding experience.
  • Learn saddling and bridling your horse, mounting and dismounting, steering and stopping, turning your horse and asking your horse to go forward. Learn safe practices around horses and horse handling.
  • Prepare your horse for a fun 'practice' trail excursion in a controlled environment where you will utilize the basic riding skills to ride confidently.
  • Learn to handle problematic situations in a fun and safe environment.
  • Learn and practice trail riding etiquette.
  • Learn safe riding on the trails with unexpected situations and how to maintain control and stay safe.
Each safe trail riding lesson is approximately 1.5 hours in duration and a horse is provided. Lessons are held in an outdoor riding arena surrounded by forest and the tranquility of nature. On completion of the Safe Trail Riding package of lessons you will be competent in controlling your horse in many situations encountered on the trails. All three lessons must be completed within 30 days. We do not offer trail riding excursions for larger groups.

Safe Trail Riding lessons package
Individual    $265
2 people   $195 p/person
Safe Trail Riding Lessons Package
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Safe Trail Riders

General info about lessons:

- All lessons are required be pre-paid (MC or Visa processed by Paypal). No refunds are issued.

- No-show or cancellation count as a lesson unless 48 hours prior notice is received by email.

- After a lesson or lesson package has been purchased, we will phone you (or contact you by email) to schedule the lesson(s). Scheduling is subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend purchasing your lessons early!

- Riding caps are available for students in the introductory special lessons package or the safe trail riding lessons program.

- Ongoing riding lessons after the completion of the Special Introductory 5 one hour private lessons or the Safe Trails Riding Lessons programs are 45 minutes in duration (we provide longer lessons in the Special Introductory 5 lessons one hour private package and the Safe Trail Riding lessons program to enable students to have the extra time to learn safe ground practices, grooming, saddling, bridling, the nature of the horse and so forth. Upon completion the students are fully competent in the basics.)

- A Release Of Liability form must be completed.

- The stable location is central in South Surrey on 24th Avenue near 176 Street, 17845 24 Avenue. Buses stop nearby.

Giddy Fit with Horses program

Questions? Please phone (604) 263-1023 or email us.
Come and enjoy the wonderful world of horses