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Our beings live in each other.

Felicia Allen, Founder, EANH


Horse therapy for autistic children and adults

Wellness programs

Giddy Fit! With Horses

best horse therapy for autism

Autism and Horse therapy

EANH is a pioneer program in horse therapy for autistic children and adults.

One of the best treatments for autism.

Epona's Equine Assisted Natural Healing ( programs include horse therapy for autistic children and adults. The non-riding program recognizes that autistic individuals can work with horses and learn our ways effectively from an equine partner.

Wellness programs for adults and youth

Wellness programs for adults and youth

Your wellbeing is the focus in Epona's EANH programs

Horses are natural educators with their beauty, intelligence and sensitivity. Their evolutionary superiority guides the inner being into harmony and contentment.

EANH's programs

  • Reconnecting
  • Youth At Risk
  • Terminal Illness
  • Veterans, PTSD/OSI
  • Relationships

Get fit with horses

Giddy Fit! With Horses

Giddy Fit with a horse as your personal assistant.

Lots of Fun and Good exercise too!

The Giddy Fit! With Horses program is for individuals who want to get fit and have Fun. A non-riding program where we groom horses, take them through fun mazes and just let loose!

Meet new friends (equine and human!), no horse experience required. $25 for one hour group session.

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