Sustainability in the coming years


Programs, initiatives and actions showing how life can thrive without chemicals, genetic mutations and nurturing the earth that we depend on. Transistion to Veganism.

Volunteer to learn about crops


Prepare the land, sow the seeds and watch mother nature create miracles. Harvest the tastiest veggies ever. Individual garden boxes possible too!

Recycling, the beginnings of birth


Learn how natural waste products become the nurturance for new growth. Creation blossoms and can rejuvenate itself in an endless recycling process.

The rescued horses that live at Epona Stable and Farms

Rescued Animals

Meet the animals! Farm animals are beings who want to live as much as you do. Let's learn to love other beings equally and recognize they deserve to live quality lives. All the farm animals were rescued.

Socialize with others sharing plant-based life styles

Community Socializing

Meet others, volunteer to make a difference and share ideas. Coming together for walks and projects as we are interacting, helping each other and the animals together.

sustainability in the collective community


Skies, oceans, landscapes and species living on the planet. Nature is an astounding miracle everywhere bringing life endlessly. Feel the air you breathe connect with your inner soul.

Fresh & Non-GMO Products

Always GOOD for you!

Fresh Veggies & Fruits

Organically grown vegetables, berries and fruits are very tasty and so healthy too. Cultivating the land gives us a special appreciation of nature's gifts and how preservation is our key to survival.

Locally Grown

British Columbia has some of the nicest soil anywhere for growing vegetables, berries and fruits. Flowers thrive here too! The collective clears land as we need it and cultivate all sorts of varieties with non-gmo seeds.

Natural As In Nature

Nature has the recipe for all of the planets selection of edibles for everyone. We cultivate, grow and enjoy the produce as well as nature's teachings. We welcome volunteers who bring some incredible ideas and knowledge.