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Horseback riding lessons are available for any level of rider with an Epona Stable lesson horse
or with your own horse in dressage, english equitation, jumping, Western and Natural Horsemanship

Horse riding lessons with your own horse

Western Riding

Western horseback riding lessons are available for anyone who would like to learn to ride in the western (cowboy) style.

Epona's western horseback riding lessons are specific to trail riding with the Safe Trail Riding lessons program, and Western Pleasure for individuals interested in showing in Western riding equitation classes.

Western riding lessons are also available with Epona's lesson horses in our riding programs.
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western riding

Natural Horsemanship

“Natural Horsemanship is a bridge between human and horse, one on which we can walk together.”

Felicia Allen
Epona's Head Instructor and Horse Trainer

Many problems with horses are easily corrected when we learn to understand how our actions and behaviours are interpreted by our horses. Many riders are surprised that the message that was intended is mis-interpreted by their equine companion.

Learn the language that horses understand and the nature of the horse. Even seasoned horse owners find new and interesting methods to improve their communications with their beloved equines.

Read more about Epona Stable's Natural Horsemanship workshops.

Natural horsemanship getting to know you better Learning and loving with our equine partner.
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