Epona Stable and Farms was started in 1975 in North Vancouver, BC. At that time a rescue for animals was established with the proceeds from the Epona Stable operations caring for the rescued animals. Over the years some animals could not be rehomed for various reasons or their owners abandoned them with us to evade expensive special need costs therefore the rescue has six rescued former race horses as permanent residents and a piglet.

It is imperative that we receive help with finding a permanent new home!

Healing farm for animals and humans

As the originator of non-riding healing programs for the public with horses (and other animals) and nearly all of Felicia's work and programs are about wellbeing, healing, nurturing and growing in our spirit and soul, Felicia Allen is moving toward Epona as primarily a healing farm for animals and the public. As someone deeply concerned with the residential school crimes committed on young Native children and their famillies in British Columbia and across Canada, Felicia is following her dream of finding a a lower mainland location that will be in forever memory of the little Native children who live in our hearts forever and to their families, survivors and culture, a momument that the healing farm will nourish as a token of our repentance.

The beautiful little Native children spirits will live forever free, uninhibited with animals and people who are on a journey of healing as our inspiration and guides. Felicia hopes to have Native Peoples share the inner wisdom in the culture to others who long to live life on a peaceful and nourishing journey.


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Food for the animals particularly hay for the horses.
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How To Donate

Please etransfer donations to or make payments directly to TNT Hay Sales and please let us know. Thank you:)
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Veterinary care and regular maintenance costs are ever present in the rescue.