True Natural Horsemanship

Ride, educate and bond without the use of whips

True Natural Horsemanship (TNH)

True Natural Horsemanship is a bridge between human and horse, one on which we can walk together.

True Natural Horsemanship is a completely revolutionary and innovative way to work with and communicate with horses.

True Natural Horsemanship workshops for horse owners teach that:

Meaningful Interaction develops a bond with a horse based on mutual respect and trust.

Simple changes in a language that horses understand - the language of horses - bring positive and desired outcomes while focussing on you for direction, leadership and guidance.

Understanding Misunderstandings with changing common mistakes in communication produce positive outcomes for you and your horse .

Learn how to change conditioned concepts for Authentic Dialogue with the highly intelligent and beautiful horse in True Natural Horsemanship workshops.

The True Natural Horsemanship method achieves everything that commercial natural horsemanship methods achieve with one big difference: No whip in hand, no whip anywhere or artificial pain-oriented paraphernalia.

Come and experience what it is like to communicate and be around horses with No whip in hand, no whip anywhere!

For more information and to sign up, please visit the Epona Academy of True Natural Horsemanship web site.