Understanding How A Puppy Thinks book

The Understanding How A Puppy Thinks book is for what you will need to understand and learn to train your puppy for the most important early life lessons. The lesson formats are easy and simple to understand written by an animal trainer of nearly fifty years experience.

Understanding how a puppy thinks puppy training book

Understanding How A Puppy Thinks is a collection of questions about puppy training that come from real life training and answers in popular forums and groups by Felicia Allen, the founder of the Canadian Epona Stable and Farms animal rescue and rehabilitation services, est 1975.

This comprehensive lesson book for training puppies is popular for teaching the basics such as leash training, potty training, bathing, nail trimming and socializing your puppy. The book also provides guidance and instruction on changing puppy behaviours such as puppy nipping, barking, puppy greetings (jumping on people), food aggression and destructive play (furniture, shoes, etc) for small and large breed puppies.

The methods are used by Felicia in her rehabilitative work with many small and large breed puppies and dogs. The methods are particularly effective and nationally recognized because pain or abuse are not in any part of the training methods.

Felicia begins the answer to every question in Understanding How A Puppy Thinks with "Let's look at this from your puppy's perspective" bringing a fresh insight into how a puppy perceives and thinks. It's easy to train your puppy with the simple and effective methods that puppies really understand and respond well to.

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