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Trisha L. Hogan

Educating Horses

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From ground manners to riding excellence our horse training is humane and based on our world famous True Natural Horsemanship methods.

Quick fixes with instruments of pain do not last. Horses are sensitive, intuitive and highly intelligent and react to pain and fear however for horses to learn they must be relaxed, receptive and have trust in their handler.

Riding a horse incorrectly is not only painful for the horse but is also abusive. Our humane training and riding methods are welcomed by horses since balanced and humane riding is comfortable for both human and equine.

Making simple changes in the way we are around horses can make a big difference and clear up misunderstandings by us and by our horses. The True Natural Horsemanship method teaches that horses respond intelligently and learn quickly when they understand what is being asked rather than trying to 'figure out' by experimenting with various responses and behaviours what we want.

World famous Pacer training method

Standardbred Horse Retraining Video

For anyone retraining a Pacer to become a riding horse the Retraining The Standardbred horse video produced by the Standardbred Horse Fan Club is available for purchase.

The retraining method

Imagine a retraining method that builds needed muscles and balance through simple exercises; that relies on encouragement and positive re-inforcement for results; that respects and honors the horse; that builds trust, confidence and relies on what is and feels natural to a horse. Voila! You have just described the retraining method which so successfully enables a pacer

- to choose to trot rather than to pace
- to choose to canter rather than to pace

and to do so willingly and naturally!

Every Standardbred horse was born knowing how to canter. Standardbred pacers have simply been discouraged from trotting and cantering from very early on in life. See how happy and easily your Standardbred pacer will enjoy her/his newfound freedom doing what she/he was born to do!

The Standardbred Fan Club's natural horsemanship approach to retraining the Standardbred horse is based on developing a natural relationship with your horse through understanding.

By practising simple exercises in a step by step approach, even the novice can begin to develop a trusting relationship and a riding horse that can walk, trot and canter.

When horses enjoy their work, they become responsive, willing and learn.

The Standardbred Fan Club's retraining approach keeps your horse interested, focused and you soon both become proud of your accomplishments.

Although the method will assist instructors and trainers, the DVD, Retraining The Pacer ~ Standardbred Horse Training was made primarily for the novice and rider with some riding experience who have adopted or brought home a Standardbred horse from the pacing race track or adoption agency.

Learn from the Specialists ~ the horses themselves and the trainers at the Standardbred Fan Club who have chosen to work with pacers over the years to develop a humane, effective and positive retraining method based on kindness, compassion, natural horsemanship and most of all, Love for these very special and talented horses.

retraining a pacer to trot and canter

Can pacers be trained to trot and canter? YES!

The two excerpts from the video Retraining The Pacer ~ Standardbred Horse Training show two pacers trotting and cantering. (Neither horse would trot or canter when adopted from the pacing track. Please click on the videos to play.)

Lacey, a former pacer currently in retraining, learning to trot and is well on her way to developing a lovely canter

Oliver, a fully retrained pacer, shows us a balanced canter Get started today!

click to purchase Retraining The Pacer ~ Standardbred Horse Training video (Dvd format) Buy now

The DVD Retraining The Pacer ~ Standardbred Horse Training shows you how to teach your horse the trot and canter in a step by step format including ground work, lunging, first ride, teaching the trot, and teaching the canter. Everything that you will need to know in one video.

The DVD was made primarily for the novice and rider with some riding experience who have adopted or brought home a Standardbred horse from the pacing race track or adoption agency, although it will also be useful to instructors and trainers.


What an eye-opener! I finally understand why my Standie keeps his head up so high!

Teresa K., Oregon, USA

This video helped me so much with the canter. I am so relieved that my horse is fine, it's normal what she's been doing.

John A. Texas, USA

Really good video. It's so refreshing to see these horses not being forced, not being beaten, not being tied with draw reins and ropes, not being restrained in any way in any part of the training. KUDOS TO YOUR HUMANE TRAINING METHODS - AND WHAT A SPLENDID OUTCOME.

Cathy S. Ontario, Canada

I received my dvd in the mail today. Thank you so much. Its great. Very helpful to have the steps as well as giving me time frames for training as I was worried about how fast/slow to go with Fella's training. With the dvd's help I am confident that I can train Fella on my own.

Cheryl A. Sydney, Australia

There hasn't been a video that's so easy to simply watch and begin working from. This is the video that we have been waiting so long for.

Tina and Bob A., Saskatchewan, Canada

Really great information, thank you so much.

Lisa R. Ontario, Canada



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