Nature is in constant recycling mode

The Vegan life style is one that we heartily support!~ We believe that if you love animals then you refuse to eat them. You refuse to contribute financially to the cruelty and horrific conditions that factory farmed animals endure.

Human beings started as plant gatherers from an evolutionary perspective and we continued for many millions of years to thrive, survive and develop as a species. Plant power is truly amazing!

Being vegan is just another way of saying that health of oneself and of our planet is the most important and since animal agriculture is the biggest pollutant on earth, trillions of innocent farm animals live short lives of cruelty, abuse and finally death by slaughter.

You don't have to be vegan to join the Epona community collective however we do insist that you are a little bit curious! All of our practices are geared towards health - of people, of animals, of our planet -. .

Fresh & Non-GMO Products

Greta Grunberg the voice for sustainability.

Fresh Veggies & Fruits

Organically grown vegetables, berries and fruits are very tasty and so healthy too. Cultivating the land gives us a special appreciation of nature's gifts and how preservation is our key to survival.

Locally Grown

British Columbia has some of the nicest soil anywhere for growing vegetables, berries and fruits. Flowers thrive here too! The collective clears land as we need it and cultivate all sorts of varieties with non-gmo seeds.

Natural As In Nature

Nature has the recipe for all of the planets selection of edibles for everyone. We cultivate, grow and enjoy the produce as well as nature's teachings. We welcome volunteers who bring some incredible ideas and knowledge.